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I am looking for a laptops broken or alive Ipad, Compaq, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, Samsung, Sony or Toshiba laptop/netbook,
from 1.8ghz 2ghz

2.2ghz 2.4ghz 2.53 2.6ghz 3.06ghz 11

text me
your name
post code
what you have (exact spec – true,)
asking price

look froward to hear from you

Laptop and computer service

Laptop service in   specializes in Laptop Repair on a variety of makes models. I will fix damaged or faulty laptops, and a short conversation with us on 01430421014 or 07927915560

laptop repair service on all major laptop models including – Acer, Alienware, Dell, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba.
Warranty on laptop service

Our service :

Any problems with your laptop, screen replacement, broken keyboard, dc jack problem, loosing power, black screen


New computer build, service computer and maintenance computer, we buy old broken computers and laptops


We can copy your data  from damaged laptops and computers from 30 pounds fee.

Laptop Repair Service

Full Diagnostic Testing.
Complete Inspection
24 hour stress tests on hardware.
Replacement Part Installation.
Upgrade Part Installation.
Clean Interior & Fans
Clean Exterior
Bios Upgrade (if available)
Driver Update

Common laptop repairs

Laptop LCD Screen Repair in
If your laptop lcd screen is cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged, it may be recommended that the screen be replaced. We will try to find the best price for replacement, including installation.

Laptop Keyboard Repair
Spill liquid on your laptop keyboard? Maybe you have to replace hole keyboards. Laptop service in   can replace damaged laptop keyboard and replace it with a new high quality one.

Laptop Hard Drive Repair
You have an laptop hard disk failure that requires immediate attention? Give us a call and we will find best price for your replacement.

Laptop Optical Drive Repair
Do you have a broken or non-working Optical device or do you just want to add a DVD / CD-RW Combo Drive or BLueray drive to your laptop?
Laptop service in   provides Laptop Optical Drive Repair and replacement for all major laptop models.

Laptop RAM Memory Repair
Repair a memory problem on your laptop / notebook or you just want to install new memory, please contact with us asap and we will find you best price for your replacement.

Laptop Motherboard Repair
Motherboard Repair is often an superior choice to replacement. Our Laptop Motherboard Repair Engineers conduct board level repairs, and replacement of defective parts on all major laptops. This includes but is limited to replacing chips, troubleshooting faults, and assessing issues caused by shorts, spills and other general circuit troubleshooting.

Laptop DC Power Jack Repair
Have an laptop / notebook with a burned or broken power plug on? lost power, loosings connection, cant charge your battery that’s sounds like dc jack is burnt or broken.

Laptop LCD Inverter Repair
Does your laptop / notebook have an LCD inverter failure requiring a quick fix? Our Laptop LCD Inverter Repair engineers are at your rescue. Laptop service in  laptop Repair offers a full line of LCD Inverter replacements for all major laptop machines.

Acer laptops Repair
HP laptops Repair
Alienware laptops Repair
Lenovo laptops Repair
Dell laptops Repair
Sony laptops Repair
Gateway laptops Repair
Toshiba laptops Repair



If you want to sell your laptop you have to give us exact specification, model number, year production, condition. ext.

if you have damaged screen, black screen give us a call on 07927915560

Laptop service in North Ferriby

Welcome on our site

WE can repair laptops and computers
WE are based in North Cave, after your call we can come up to 15 minutes and sort it out your problems.
WE repair laptops and computers, replace screen in Ipods and Ipads.

We also buy broken laptops, Ps3 and Xbox.
ipod screen repair hull
Please text us on 07927915560 what you have and real condition( explain what is wrong with your item ) the we give you a price for it .

We do health check – cost 50 pounds in Pc world.

We repair dc power jacks, motherboard – to the chip level .

Offering laptops and computers repairs in Howden

Offering laptops and computers repairs in Howden
With many years of experience with laptops and computers , Lcd, Tv
For private and commercial in Howden
No fix no fee – in Howden  and surrounding areas
No call out charge – around Howden
Free estimates and advice for customers for HOWDEN
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tv repair

It technician certificated, no fix no fee, no call out charge, no chains and hidden

If you want to give me your broken laptop or sell please send me your laptops details first and give some time to price it.
Call 01430421014 or 07927915560 or send text message !

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Services Include:
* Computer/Laptop repair Howden  * Computer/Laptop upgrade Howden  * Laptop Tune Up Howden  * New Computer Setup Howden
* Broadband Installation Howden  * WIFI Problems Howden  * Drivers Problem Howden
* Pc Health Check Howden * Computer Cleanups/Refresh/Restore/ Windows Re-installation Howden
* Any Software/Hardware Installations Howden  * Wireless Network Setup Howden *

Thank you and best wishes for my previous and new customers!!

We offer other services such as; laptop repairs Howden , dc jack repair in Howden , LCD / screen replacement in Howden , hard drive data recovery in Howden , backup and repair in Howden , motherboard repairs in Howden , inverters or back-lights repairs in Howden , overheating problems in Howden , keyboard and hinge repair or replacement in Howden  area, virus and spyware removal in Howden  area, infact any issues with any laptop we can fix in Howden .Laptop Repair in Howden  area , Sony Vaio Repair in Howden , Laptop Repairs and fixing in Howden  area, An Laptop Expert in Howden  , An Laptop Engineer in Howden , An Laptop Technician in Howden , Laptop Support in Howden  area, Laptop Data Recovery in Howden  area, Laptop Installations in Howden , Laptop Upgrades Howden , Laptop Integration in Howden , Laptop Networking in Howden , Laptop Repairs in Howden , Laptop Repair in Howden , Laptop Maintenance in Howden , Local Laptop Repair in Howden , fast computer in Howden

Our service can visit your Home or Business in the following areas:
Selby, Howden , Howden , Beverley, Howden, Howden , and surrounding areas. So, for a prompt, professional and reliable service at a competitive price, call Daniel.

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Acer AS VVLMi Laptop Repair, Acer Aspire NVVLMi Laptop Repair, Acer Aspire 3 NVVXMi Laptop Repair, Acer Aspire, NVVXCi Laptop Repair, 4 Acer Aspire Laptop Repair, Acer Aspire Laptop Repair, Acer Aspire Laptop Repair, 43 Acer Aspire 3 Laptop Repair, 4 Acer Aspire E Laptop Repair, 4 Acer Aspire SA Laptop Repair, 4 Acer Aspire T 3 Laptop Repair
4 Acer Aspire V3 Laptop Repair, Acer Aspire V 3 Laptop Repair, Acer Ferrari 4 Laptop Repair, Acer Ferrari 4 WLMi Laptop Repair, 3 Acer TM NWXMi Laptop Repair, Acer TM 4 NWLCi Laptop Repair, Acer TravelMate 4NWXCi Laptop Repair, Acer TravelMate NWXCi Laptop Repair, Dell Laptop Repair, Sony Laptop Repair, Toshiba Laptop Repair, HP Laptop Repair, Apple Laptop Repair, Compaq Laptop Repair, Averatec Laptop Repair, eMachines Laptop Repair, Gateway Laptop Repair, Gericom Laptop Repair
JVC Laptop Repair, Patriot Laptop Repair, Sharp Laptop Repair, Alienware Laptop Repair, Asus Laptop Repair, Fujitsu Siemens Laptop Repair, Lenovo Laptop Repair, Everex Systems Laptop Repair, Microsoft Laptop Repair, Motion Computing Laptop Repair
Packard Bell Laptop Repair, Panasonic Laptop Motherboard Repair, Samsung Laptop Motherboard Repair, Systemax Laptop Repair
ViewSonic Laptop Repair, Xplore Technologies Laptop Repair, Xtreme Notebook Repair, Atasi Laptop Repair, Data Recovery, Hitachi Laptop Repair, IBM Laptop Repair, 3 IBuyPower Laptop Repair, Laptop Battery Repair, Laptop Display Repair, Laptop Fan Repair, Laptop Hard Drive Repair, Laptop Keyboard Repair, Laptop Motherboard Repair, 4 Laptop Mouse Repair, Laptop Power Socket Repair, Laptop Repair Manuals, 43 Laptop Repair Shops, 4 Laptop Upgrade, 4 LCD Screen Repair, 4 Memory Upgrades
4 NEC Laptop Repair, 4 Notebook Repair, 4 OQO Laptop Repair, Spyware Removal, Virus Removal


It service – laptops and computers repair in Hull

Computer Problems fixed in your own home or Business. Upgrades, Training, Repairs,

Server Maintenance, PC Maintenance and PC repairs HULL. IT Support HULL. Most

HULL areas covered. Laptop Repair HULL. Computer Maintenance HULL, Software

Installation, home networks laptop repair computer repair in HULL. Problem

solving and troubleshooting. IT Support Contracts HULL.

As a Hull resident, you have access to experienced for more than 10 years computer support in your own home.
I have worked in the computer maintenance and technical support

industry for 10 years or more. With this in mind, you’re in safe hands.
laptop service, it service, goole, hull, it service hull,
Computer Repairing
PC & Laptop Repair
PC & Laptop Health Checks
Windows Repair
Data recovery
Data storage
Upgrades and Installations

laptop service in hull, service in hull, fixing computer
Computer & Laptop Repairing

Laptop hardware repair.
Hard drive upgrade.
Power jack repair.
Virus removal.
Spy ware removal.
Hardware repair.
Systems recovery.
Laptop and PC hardware Maintenance & Upgrade.
Virus removal.
Spy ware detection and removal.
Adware removal.
Modem / Router / ADSL modem troubleshooting.
Desktop computer repairs & memory upgrades.
Laptop screen replacement.
Laptop or PC hard drive replacement/upgrade.
Laptop keyboard replacement.
Laptop USB port repair.
Laptop power jack repair.
Computer health checks.
PC hardware repair.
PC software repair.
Computer maintenance hardware or software.
Hardware diagnostics.
Operating system re-installation.
Virus, spy ware & adware removal.
Screen replacement.
keyboard replacement/repair.
Hard drive replacement.
USB port replacement / repair.
Power socket replacement / repair.
Maintenance and live support.
External USB device setup / troubleshooting (HDD, iPod, Digital camera, etc.)
Blackberry / PDA installation / troubleshooting.
Cleaning of spilled liquid.
Monthly maintenance agreements

Windows Repair

Windows Xp
Windows 7
Windows 2000
Windows Vista
Windows Server

Upgrades & Installations

PC motherboards
Graphics and sound cards
CD/DVD drives
Hard disks
Software installations
Laptop memory upgrades
Memory upgrades
PCMCIA Card installation (Modem, Firewire, USB, Ethernet adapter, etc.)
Printer, scanner, fax & copier setup
Program installations


Wireless networking.
Network support.
Network troubleshooting.
Networking for home or business user.
Wireless network setup.
Secure connectivity to the Internet.
Training on proper networking and security guidelines.
Wireless network troubleshooting.
Network support & maintenance.
Network troubleshooting for home and small / medium business.
Wireless / wired network / router setup.