Month: January 2012

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Recycle your old laptop or any IT equipment

Electronic rubbish, and computer equipment, in particular, is a rapidly expanding stream of UK waste. Reduce your carbon footprint and waste costs at the same time by recycling your used laptops with Laptop Recycling Ltd. We offer CASH for your used/broken laptops.

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We offer a free collection service. Therefore it doesn’t cost you a penny to recycle your laptop with us.

Why the iPhone 3G is rubbish!

Well I bought an iPhone 3G around 1 month ago so I have 1 month experience of using it so I think I have a good idea of it’s capabilities.

First lets start with the positives.

The things I like about the iPhone:-

Web browser. This is probably one the best parts of the device. It is usually quick and the zoom features and rendering engine are quite good.

The phone. Of course a big part of the iPhone is the phone, is it any good? Yes very much probably the best phone experience I’ve had with any phone (although don’t upgrade to v2.1 as since I’ve done this the phone just hangs up randomly while talking to people even though I have full signal)
iPod built-in. The iPod is good. Apple doesn’t have that stupid circular “wheel” to control the volume. There is a separate button for this.

Recycling guide for East Riding and Hull

Each item you want to recycle will have  a hard drive data wiped and fully report if needed.

After procedure We can provide you with proof of data removal if you need it.

If you thing you can just bin your laptop and computer and your data will not be recovered you are wrong.

Even accidetaly someone still can recover your data from your hard drive.

We aim to collect and recover all computer hardware including laptops, PCs and supporting peripherals including keyboards, mice and TFT monitors from any UK location. Just call us on 01430421014 with your requirements and we will schedule a convenient collection time and date for all your IT recycling, also you can send us and email to and provide us with the list of the ityems you want to recycle.

Green Tech

SOUTH BOSTON–From this grungy warehouse converted into a startup incubator, Sam White and Sorin Grama plot how to chill milk for poor Indian villagers.

January 29, 2012 4:00 AM PST By Martin LaMonica

Firefox 10 to launch Tuesday

Firefox 10 to launch Tuesday
Mozilla adds another part of silent updating: Browser automatically disables incompatible add-ons and marks all others as compatible

Mozilla developers have given the green light to ship Firefox 10 on Tuesday.

Notes from a Mozilla meeting last week said that the upgrade was on for Jan. 31, the next ship date in the every-six-week schedule that the company adopted last year.

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The new version includes one of the first components of Firefox’s planned silent update mechanism: The browser automatically disables incompatible add-ons and marks all others as compatible.

Add-ons that work with Firefox 4 or later will be marked as compatible in Firefox 10, Mozilla said.

Complaints about incompatible add-ons have been common since Mozilla shifted to the faster release schedule, as add-on developers have been slow to revamp their code or at least mark their extensions as suitable for the newest browser.