Screen Replacement from 60


The most common reason for screen replacement is accidental screen damage resulting in an unusable broken LCD but we do repairs for a number of screen faults. Each part price varies depending on your laptop model

We can normally repair and fix all problems including:-



  • Those with LCD’s failures (white screen or red screen)
  • Intermittent and completely dead component failures
  • Liquid damage
  • Dim or Faint LCD  (backlight out) or Red or orange, display tint will need backlight replacement
  • Faulty inverter
  • Missing individual lines on a display
  • Blank display. Missing a block of lines, or a bar.
  • Dim or dark display or black LCD and tinted LCD red colour.
  • Damage to the front of the display or Dim LCD Display.
  • Scratched surface of LCD.

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