A broken screen on your laptop means that a perfectly good machine might be rendered unusable. But rather than buying an entirely new laptop, it is possible to replace the broken screen and indeed vendors exist that dedicate themselves entirely to the service of providing laptop screen replacements. One such company is us, who aside from just offering replacements for broken screens, also offer upgrading your matte screen to the popular glossy enhanced screen finish — even for notebooks that don’t offer this as a configuration direct from the manufacturer.

Replacing a Broken LCD

Some are much more than that and some are less of course. So if you drop your laptop and break the screen, an unfortunate accident that I’m sure you know of someone it’s happened to, the assumption is often that it’s time to buy a new laptop. But this doesn’t have to be the case. LCD displays are one of the more delicate components of a laptop computer and in the past most expensive, but prices have been dropping and now the average replacement cost for an LCD

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