Month: August 2016

Ipad screen replacement near Brough

Ipad screen replacement near Brough


We are based in North Cave, nice and beautiful village.

We serve here from 2009 and we are have many happy customers.

We repair laptops and computers buy also Ipads and Tablets.

The common problem with Ipads is a cracked screen

new broken ipads 009

We can replace your cracked screen and prices start from 50 pounds


Please book your an appointment calling on 01430 421014

Ipad service in North Ferriby 

Laptop is slow, getting hot, takes ages to start

Laptop is slow, getting hot, take ages to start


DELL 2 049

I would say its the common problem , after time the laptop if full of unwanted files programs and all sorts.

Probably the cooling fan is blocked and thermal paste is dry.

It needs a service .

What you have to do first is to fix the problem with overheating, get into your laptop and clean all inside , then replace the thermal paste.

imageNow at least you know that will not overheat itself especially when you need  a lot of time to clean your system and sort the system problems.

Sometimes takes ours to do that.

To run few cleaners and anti-malware takes a time.