If you are involved with a voluntary or community group operating in the Bridlington South Ward and have a great idea for a project that will contribute to improving the environment of Bridlington South, increase the range of activities for the community or support the local voluntary sector, you may be able to apply for a grant of £250 to £2,500.

The Community First Fund aims to provide grants for community-led projects, matching funding pound-for-pound, to help stimulate local initiatives towards meeting the needs of some of the country’s most deprived wards, administered nationally by the Community Development Foundation and supported locally by East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Bridlington Renaissance Office.

All funding must be matched either financially or through volunteer time. This means that if you apply for £250 you must also raise £250 to match it (this can be made up of volunteer time, cash, goods or services).

This year is the final year of funding and applicants have only until the end of September to have their projects considered. Projects involving one-off purchases or events which can be completed by 28 February 2015 are particularly sought.

Examples of what will be funded include:

  • the purchase of one-off equipment, like a computer, oven, furniture
  • the costs of putting on a local event or workshop
  • training for volunteers
  • additional activities to expand an existing funded project
  • activities that support community activity
  • activities that meet an identified need in the local community
  • funding to support an organisation to achieve a quality or other standards relevant to their activities.

Cec Lindley, chair of Bridlington Community First Funding Panel, said: “This is a time restricted – not to be missed opportunity – for community organisations operating in the Bridlington South Ward to make a difference in your local area.  If you have an idea to boost your group’s activities but need a little help with funds to make it happen- contact us.”

For further information, contact the Bridlington Renaissance office on (01482) 391798

The programme is being managed nationally by the Community Development Foundation, for more details, visit



Projects funded in 2013 included:

Bridlington Club for Young People – New Competition Boxing Ring
West Hill Community Services/Bridlington Community Crafters – Community Crafting Events
Bridlington Rugby Union Football Club – Contribution towards the Kitchen Refurbishment
Bridlington Armed cadet Force (ACF) – Duke of Edinburgh Award Equipment
Bridlington Branch British Legion – Bridlington Armed Forces Day Celebration
Christ Church Community Cinema – FREE monthly Community Cinema
The Hang Out – Youth Club Set Up
Bridlington Arts Festival- Fun at the Seaside 2014 programme
Priory Enterprise- Recycled Teenagers

The Community First Fund cannot support the following:

statutory organisations, such as local authorities, schools and the police force
arms-length public sector organisations that are controlled wholly or in part by, for example, a local authority, a primary care trust or agencies of these
any party political activity
commercial ventures
activity where the key purpose is to promote a religious doctrine or the beliefs of a particular faith
certain types of activities that support asylum seeker groups
advertising and marketing activity, such as notices in newspapers, journals, local radio etc…
projects that are purely based around marketing/ communications, such as newsletters and websites
salaries/ consultancy or professional fees

Final deadline for applications is Wednesday, 27 August 2014

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