How to uninstall hijacker from you PC and browsers

This is an article about dangerous browser hijacker, called Here you’ll find the detailed explanation of Zingload’s tasks, strong and weak sides. Also we will tell you you can remove Zingload from your PC once and for all.


This article focuses on the new adware, which appeared on the Internet recently, but already seized hundreds of computers. It is called This program secretly enters your PC, installed, and begins to act. Once the installation is completed, penetrates into your browser, and changes its settings so that the browser does not respond to suspicious activities. Instead of your default home page and search engine, you will see the pages provided by a virus, and if you continue to use the infected browser, other unwanted software may appear on your PC in short.

What is is a browser hijacker, and its main task is to generate traffic to the bad, suspicious websites. Let me explain it. It’s really difficult to convince someone that the products that you sell are really good. It’s especially difficult, if the products are nothing more than cheap trash, and they can provide only low quality and poor design. Such goods aren’t worth the massive promotional campaign, but if someone could force the people to visit your website every day, maybe they will buy something. Such method of advertising is really cheap, it generates the traffic on targeted websites. The only negative thing about such strategy is that people begin to hate your website, your product and everything that’s connected with it… But who cares?

So, the main task of is advertising. But there is another feature that is more dangerous for your PC. We’ve said that virus changes the settings of your browser to replace the homepage, and show you more links. Most of the links and search results (during the work of hijacker) are suspicious or even truly dangerous, so changes the settings of your browser, which are responsible for security. And after that, your PC becomes extremely vulnerable to all threats. It has no protection, and if you don’t use any AV-software, in few days of such activity, your PC will be completely filled with different viruses. is very dangerous, and the best choice in this situation is to remove it as soon as possible.

How to remove

The removal of this software is your major task. must be uninstalled from your PC as a program, and removed from all browsers as the browser extension. We have proper instructions which will help you to do this, and the reliable removal tool that can completely clean your PC from all viruses, and ensure its defense in future. This tool is called Spyhunter, and it has lots of advantages which might interest you. Soyhunter has the wide virus signature database which gets updates every day, so you will be protected even from the newest viruses. The tech-support team comprises of the experienced, courteous and patient employees that can help you to solve any issue. The tool itself is fast, efficient and does not consume much of CPU power. If you’re interested in this tool, or if you need more info about – here is the extended article about how to remove, with detailed instructions and the video-guide.


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