Jailbroken iPhone – Rubbish battery life.?

I’ve got a jailbroken iphone 3gs. Recently, the battery life has become so so bad. For example, after listening to music for half an hour, my battery is on about 85%, when it used to be on about 99%, or even still on 100%. I don’t understand why its so bad, and what i can do to fix it. any ideas?

Additional Details
you guys are all saying i shouldn’t jailbreak.. i totally agree, the only reason i have is because i bought my iphone in hong kong while it was locked on O2 in the UK. i have a vodafone contract, and the only way to use my iphone with it was to jailbreak.. as far as im aware theres no other way of unlocking it, but if there is i’d love to find out 🙂

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