Keep your documents safe by making duplicates

By Jim Martin

Backing up your stuff is more important than ever in 2016, but surprisingly few people take it seriously. They’re either in denial, under the illusion that their laptop will never break, or else they think it’s too difficult and do nothing for that reason.

We’ll explain a few ways you can easily back up your most important stuff without lifting a finger, as well as the best strategy which will ensure you will always have a copy of a file in the event of a disaster.  We’ll also lay out the various options for backing up your whole PC or laptop so that if your hard drive fails, you can restore it back just the way it was.

And if you’re in the ‘it’ll never happen to me camp’ just be aware that the number of ransomware attacks is increasing, so everyone’s files are at risk from being encrypted by malware. Of course, it isn’t just the documents on your PC that could be lost: we all use our tablets and phones as personal computers these days, taking photos and videos which might be stored only on that device. If you lose it or break it, you might also lose forever the photo, contacts and other files on it.


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