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Upgrade computers

If your computer is getting a bit old, you could:

think about improving it rather than buying a new one, by increasing memory (RAM) or replacing the hard drive
ask in a computer shop or search online to get advice, parts and technical help for upgrading
keep your existing monitor if you do get a new computer

Keep mobile phones for longer

There’s no need to replace your mobile phone every year; most will work for at least five years. Hanging on to your current phone can save you money, as the cost of a new handset is usually included in monthly tariffs. Ask your phone company about the different tariffs they have available if you don’t upgrade your handset (‘SIM only’).

Recycle your laptop for free- we come to collect it free

Recycle your old laptop or any IT equipment

Electronic rubbish, and computer equipment, in particular, is a rapidly expanding stream of UK waste. Reduce your carbon footprint and waste costs at the same time by recycling your used laptops with Laptop Recycling Ltd. We offer CASH for your used/broken laptops.

recycle your laptop

wanted laptops

Free Shipping…
We offer a free collection service. Therefore it doesn’t cost you a penny to recycle your laptop with us.

Computer Maintenance

Computer repair and maintenance serving Hull, Cottingham, Selby, Goole, and East Riding

Computer repair and maintenance serving Hull, Cottingham, Selby, Goole, and East Riding
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Laptop service – speed up your old laptop

Laptop service – speed up your old laptop

Dc power jack repair

Please if you are having a problem with pc power jack
give me a call on 07927915560

We provide professional friendly affordable service. We provide warranty for repair from 90 days.