Tricks To Add More Security To Your Hotmail Account

Hotmail is one of the major web mail service providers. It is one of the most widely used webmail services because it offers a highly protected web mail platform with great features. The biggest reaso…

Hotmail is one of the major web mail service providers. It is one of the most widely used webmail services because it offers a highly protected web mail platform with great features. The biggest reason behind the popularity of Hotmail is the security measures taken by the web mail service to maintain the privacy of users. Hotmail offers a variety of options and features and all these features are very cool. Now it is known as Outlook Mail.

Even though Hotmail offers a secured web mail platform, it is the responsibility of users to take care of their email accounts. In the recent years, cases of hacking, account security compromised, security attacks, lost password, forgotten password, and decoded login passwords have increased to a dangerous level. Replying to spam emails and sharing login details to unknown put the security of email account on the line.

Precaution and early action is better than cure. Some of the measures that you should take to protect your Hotmail account are as follows:

  • The most important thing a user must always keep in mind that the user must avoid using his or her email account in public Wi-Fi network. Please avoid accessing your Hotmail account in public Wi-Fi networks. In case you don’t have any option, make sure to sign out of your account when you’re done.
  • If you share your computer with a colleague, make sure to sign out of your Hotmail account and delete the browsing history, cookies, cached images, and passwords, before you handover computer to someone.  Contact Hotmail Customer Service if you have any issues related to these points or related to hotmail.
  • Pledge to never reply to any spam mails. Spam mails are sent with the motive of collecting your personal and banking information. Please use the Sweep feature of your Hotmail account to remove all junk mails. Sweep function allows Hotmail users to keep their inbox clean. If you want to remove junk emails from a particular sender (in Hotmail), please select a junk email, and then click on SWEEP (in the top bar).
  • An email account with common or weak or easy to guess password is more prone to hacking. You need to identify whether your current password is weak or strong. If you realize that your current Hotmail account password is weak and easy to hack, please change the password as soon as possible. One should create a password that is hard to crack and guess. Do not share your email account password with any one and also make a good habit of changing your Hotmail account password after regular interval of time.
  • Always deploy an antivirus and internet security program on your computer or mobile device so that no virus is able to access and cause damage to your personal information, login credentials, mails, and contacts.
  • If you’ve noticed that someone is trying to access your email account, or if you’re observing suspicious activities, or if Microsoft reports that your account has been accessed from a different location, please change your Hotmail account password as soon as possible.
  • If you’re unable to sign in to your Hotmail account, or if you’ve lost or forgotten your Hotmail account password, please reset your account login password as soon as possible. Hotmail Password Reset is the ultimate fix for all security issues and log-in difficulties.
  • If your Hotmail account is important to you, please add another layer of security to your Hotmail account. Add another layer of security to your account, i.e.,  enable two-step verification in Hotmail. This will prevent someone from accessing your email account (in case your email login password is known to someone. Go ahead and turn on turn on two-step verification in Hotmail.
  • Make sure to lock your PC with password when you go out for a break. If you don’t lock your PC, someone may access your PC and your email account (in your absence). Go ahead and put a password on your computer.
  • Whether you access your Hotmail account via an internet browser or through the use of an email app (such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc), put a password on your web browser and email app. This will restrict someone from using your web browser and email app.

If you follow the tricks mentioned above, you’ll never face any security trouble. If you need online help on how to secure Hotmail account, how to change Hotmail account password, or if you need immediate online assistance and telephonic customer service for Hotmail, please get in touch with the Security Experts on the mentioned Hotmail Customer Support Number. The Security Experts can help you recover and re-gain access to your locked or blocked or hacked email account.

The Experts provide online solutions on how to reset Hotmail account password, how to get rid of spam and junk email, how to use SWEEP function, how to create a new password for Hotmail, and more.

All types of security issues are fixed by the Experts in less amount of time. Hence, if you need rapid online aid and online technical support for HotmailBusiness Management Articles, please feel free to contact the Security Experts on the mentioned Hotmail Technical Support Number. The Experts stay ready to help you recover and add more protection to your web mail account.

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