Published on Jun 7, 2010

The new iPhone 4 was announced today and, while it has a lot of seriously cool features that previous iPhone models didn’t have, it’s not without its problems or disappointments.

Here are some of things we’d liked to have seen on the new iPhone, but weren’t included.

No microSD card support
A lot of online rumours had speculated that the new iPhone would have Micro SD card support – like practically all Android devices. The benefit of Micro SD card support is that users can use multiple SD cards and swap and change them as they see fit.

The obvious benefit of this is that when you run out of space on one, you can fill up another – which is good news for heavy music and video users and also for those that love their applications.

Unfortunately, the new iPhone 4 does not support microSD cards and, therefore, will not enable any of the above advantages of its incorporation.

We knew microSD card support was a long shot, but with the amount of demand for it, we really thought Apple would have listened this time.

As expected, there is absolutely no Flash support on the iPhone 4 – just like on the iPad. We knew there’d be no Flash inclusion, but there’s always hope.

Unfortunately, this time hope did not prevail and Apple was adamant about the unstable nature of Flash and, therefore, its complete unsuitability for inclusion on Apple’s new iOS4.

On the plus side, the fact that Flash is not supported on the iPad hasn’t managed dissuade 2 million people for buying the iPad – and this is something we’re sure will carry over with the new iPhone.

One of the big disappointments for us was the iPhone 4’s storage capabilities, which at 32GB isn’t as impressive as we’d have liked.

There was online speculation of storage ranging from 60 to 80GB, so 32GB, which is the same as the iPhone 3GS, isn’t that good – and has left us a little disappointed.

This fact is only made worse by the fact there is no microSD card support either.

We know 32GB is a lot of space, but if you download as many apps and songs as us, you’d have hoped for more from the new iPhone – especially, as we’ll be downloading a lot more films as the screen quality as been improved so much.

However, Jobs has spoken and we will have to make do with 32GB – thanks, Steve.

Screen size
As we said, the iPhone 4’s screen has had a major overhaul and now boasts some seriously tantalising specs with its 3.5-inch display running at 960×640 pixels.

That said, we were hoping for a larger screen, at least 4-inches to be honest.

Especially since Apple has clearly decided its users will be watching more-and-more video content on their iPhones – why else would they improve the screen so dramatically?

Granted, this might sound a little pedantic, but another 0.5-inches makes such a difference when viewing media, such as videos, on a mobile handset.

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