Vowing not to buy Apple products? Then you’re just scratching the surface.
(Credit: Apple)

Apple’s outrageous success has a dark side. But does that mean it’s time to stop buying Apple products?

Before we go there, let’s get a few things out of the way. The focus of the New York Times iPad human cost story was Apple because:

Fame: Like anything that is constantly in the public eye (such as, say, a Republican presidential candidate) Apple is a magnet for reporters. There’s lots and lots of reporting about Apple, some invariably negative.

Profits: While analysts and journalists trip over each other to applaud Apple’s profit juggernaut, the way Apple achieves those profits can be pretty ugly. And the company’s most recent quarterly profit of $13 billion puts it right up there with the likes of Exxon–a firm synonymous in some people’s minds with the Valdez oil spill–and Exxon has certainly not been immune to harsh criticism.
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